General Acknowledgement

1. Why mother needs to practice confinement?
Confinement is a traditional postpartum practice with the purpose to help and restore health of new mother who has gone through pregnancy and exhaustion from birth delivery. Mother and baby are both considered in the confinement.

2. How long is the duration of a confinement period?
For a Malaysian Chinese mother, confinement period is up to a month, starting from the day the baby was born. As for some mothers, they will extend their confinement period under certain circumstances to get more rest and care, i.e. experienced cesarean birth which takes longer time to recover. During this period, sexual intercourse is not encouraged as mother has not fully recovered.

3. Who will be helping me during my confinement period?
Mothers can stay in the postpartum care centre or generally known as confinement centre. These centre normally provide accommodation, confinement meals and healthcare staffs to provide assistances. Some confinement centre allows father to stay in, while some do not.

4. Why should I choose SWS 28 Confinement Centre?
SWS 28 is the only confinement centre in Malaysia that provides pre-pregnancy, prenatal, antenatal, postpartum and miscarriage services. Based on our strong TCM background along with the collaboration of Western practitioners and modern health science, we are able to provide the finest treatment for the wellbeing of mother and baby. Not to mention, our products and services have proven many success stories.

5. What is expected from SWS 28 Confinement Centre?
SWS 28 Confinement Centre is one of Malaysia most prestige postpartum centre serviced by chinese and western practitioners, hotel ambiences, complete set of facilities and appliances, wellbeing and yoga classes, as well as nutritious food & beverages. The centre has three floors, total of approximate 7,000 square feet with10 rooms only.

6. The difference between home confinement and SWS 28 Confinement Centre?
At home, confinement is generally monitor and taken care by experienced elderly. Else, from books and internet to plan your own confinement period. Some advices or remedies may conflict with modern medicine, leading to other health concerns. At SWS 28 Confinement Centre, we take both modern and traditional approach to formulate and resolve each situation differently for mother and baby. Getting the proper and sufficient health recovery for mother and healthy growth for baby, as well as promoting intellectual development. Besides, mother and father will get the right education and guidance on how to take care of baby and their development.

7. The difference between house nanny and SWS 28 confinement ladies?
Most house nannies rely on their own experience and personal custom in care assistance and the confinement meals. Most of the time, certain health science question nor professional maternal care advice left unexplained. In SWS 28 Confinement Center, our confinement ladies received systematic education and certified under recognizable governmental entities. Our confinement ladies not only practice their studies but also personal experience in handling mother and baby.

8. What meals will I be eating in SWS 28 Confinement Centre?
In collaboration with Confinement Meal Professor from Taiwan, our executive chef, nutritionist and TCM practitioners have come up with the proper monthly confinement menu (3 meals and 2 light meals). Confinement meals aim to strengthen your immune system and health recovery. You will have a range of dishes to keep your body ‘warm’. These include ginger and herbs to promote better blood circulation and bones strengthening. Chinese believe that fish soup can increase breast milk volume for mothers. Avoid “cold” food such as cold water, cucumber, cabbage and pineapple. Besides, avoid consuming food that causes “wind” during pregnancy such as onion and jackfruits as these foods will cause the baby suffer from abdominal colic.

Mother Care

1. What services we provide for mothers?
SWS 28 Confinement Centre provides The Six Signature services ranging from pre-pregnancy, first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, postpartum and miscarriage. An end-to-end service for mothers to regain their wellbeing and baby for healthy development.

2. How long do I need to stay in the center?
We practice confinement period of 28 days. However, it could vary according to individual. We ensure you will have enough nutritional needs, sufficient rest, and health recovery. Our team will consult based on your circumstances and physical wellbeing, then to develop the right treatment plan for you.

3. How many people can visit the mother at one time?
We recommend not more than two family members for visiting as this will increase the risk of bacteria spreading that leads to infection for the baby. Schedule your visiting hours to avoid disturbing mother’s maternal rest and baby rest.

4. Can I wash my hair after baby delivery?
Yes, based on scientific point of view, shampoo bath is allowed after 2-3 days of natural birth, as caesarean birth will be after 5-7 days as the wound needs to be recovered. According to traditional practice, shampoo bathing is not recommended. But now, there is blow drying equipment with disinfected water to ease mother’s complication and health concern.

5. Can I take bath during confinement period?
Yes, advisable to bath only with specially prepared herbal warm water. This restriction is said to help you to maintain the body temperature. These will help mothers to avoid health problems in the future such as rheumatism, arthritis, headache and body aches.

6. How to recuperate after baby delivery?
Postpartum care suggests mothers to have ample of rest with appropriate exercise because your uterus has not fully recovered from pregnancy. In addition, uterine volume and weight are relatively large due to the long standing of child labour. Therefore, the right dietary meals and yoga exercises will help mother to recuperate better.

7. What should I do to plan for my next child?
For mother who plans to have next child, SWS 28 Confinement Centre provides an end-to-end service (pre-pregnancy to postpartum). During your pregnancy, SWS 28 Confinement Centre provides TCM practitioners to customized proper diet plan and supplements for the mother; allowing the body and mind to reach an optimal state. During postpartum, SWS 28 Confinement Centre is devoted to regain your health and body condition by combining TCM and modern health science, so that the mother can be at best health and return to the next pregnancy.

8. When does my uterus really recover?
In general, postpartum uterus weight about 1,000-2,000 g, drops to approximately 500 g in the first week, then 300 g in two weeks, eventually to 50-70 g after four weeks.

Baby Care

1. What services SWS 28 Confinement Centre provide for the baby?
Baby care is divided into two categories. First is to create a healthy body of the baby, through our professional system of care such as massage, touch, scientific feeding, so that the baby develops a good living habits. Second is to create a smart and happy baby, through our professional system of early teaching system, the baby’s hearing, touch, vision, allowing the baby to be more intelligent.

2. When do we start baby early education?
Baby can begin to do early childhood education starting from 0 to 6 months. Through the baby vision, hearing, smell and other sensory stimulation, we are able to improve the baby’s EO and IQ. As a result, early education allows baby to have better ability to express and learn in the future.

3. Will the baby mix up in the centre?
Of course not, we will have a pair of unique hand tag for each pair of mother and baby. In addition, each baby is assigned with fixed nurses to be responsible.

4. What is the benefit of baby’s massage?
Massage have six major advantages:

  • to stimulate the baby’s lymphatic system, increase the resistance
  • deepen the baby’s sleep depth, prolong sleep time, improve sleep quality
  • to help calm the baby irritability, reduce crying
  • improve the baby’s digestion function, is conducive to the growth and development of infants
  • promote skin blood circulation, increase the ability to resist skin diseases
  • to promote maternal and child emotional exchanges

5. Does the baby need to be given water?
No, the infancy kidney development is not mature to process on water filtration. Also, water can easily choke the baby because of the water density.

6. How to know if the baby is feeling hot or cold?
You can try touching behind the baby’s neck to check if the baby is sweating. Do not over wrap the baby with fabric or cloth during breastfeeding because rashes can happen easily under hot and humid circumstances.

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