Product Description
Mama milk tea renamed to [SWS Milk Booster] It is of 100% organic herbs.
NO artificial additives preservatives or colouring.

Main Effect
Enhance Lactation ~ Many mother will worry about their mammary gland get blocked.
If the mother does not enhance lactation it could cause breast swelling and mastitis.

Increase Breastmilk ~ From the TCM perspective, lack of qi and blood (calcium) will cause the mother to have insufficient breast milk. Therefore, nourishing qi and blood is important to the mother

Direction of use 
Insufficient breast milk ~ Morning & Night 1 sachet each time, drink before meal
Adequate breast milk ~ Morning 1 sachet each time, drink before meal
*Stir 1 sachet of Milk Booster into 200 ml of lukewarm water/ Asiabell Red Date Tea

Main ingredients
Seed of Cowherb 
Red Date 

Each box consists of 20 packets
Recommend not to drink Mama Milk Tea during pregnant or menstrual period.


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