Product Description
Asiabell Red Date Tea is a concentrated version of Asiabell Red Date Water with no added preservatives and artificial colors.
Asiabell 30% | Red Date 50% | Jujube 10% | Dried Longan 10%
*each box contains 30 sachets*

Main Effect | Health Care

It enhances blood circulation, increase metabolism, contionioning menstrual cycle, upkeep youthful appereance. 

During these 4 periods (menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation), the mothers will lose a lot of blood and qi which will lead to blood deficiency symptoms.

The physical of the elderly will decline and cause the blood and qi be relatively weak. The circulation of qi and blood tends to slow down will lead to the decline of metabolism. Women and the elderly are very suitable for drinking this Asiabell Red Date Tea.


Main Effect | Fetal Supplements
The mommy taking it, the both of mommy and baby will get benefit together

Effectively improve the symptoms of maternal weakness
Enhances baby's physique health
In the case of suffocating blood, there is a significant help for postpartum milk.

Main Effect | Postnatal Care
If you are thirsty in the hospital after giving birth, you can drink it immediately instead of boiled water to help replenish qi and blood; at the same time, avoid drinking boiled water to increase the burden on the kidneys
Mommy can prepare a few sachets of red date tea in the hospital bag, which can be consumed immediately after the natural / caesarean section in the hospital 

For general use
Health care |  
1 pack brewing into 200ml warm hot water

Fetal Supplements | 13-34 weeks 
1 pack brewing into 200ml warm hot water
- Recommended to consume each sachet every day or once in 2 days
*It is not recommended to take any ginseng supplements after 35 weeks
For exp: Codonopsis, American ginseng, ginseng, Korean ginseng, etc.
It will be worried that some moms will experience blood collapse during the delivery process

For Nourishing During Confinement
Postnatal Care | 1 sachet of Red Date Tea can brew 500ml of warm water

Example 1 day water intake is 2L
- 4 sachets of Red Date Tea are needed for 1 day, and about 4 boxes need to be prepared for 1 month
Example 1 day water intake is 3L
- 6 sachets of Red Date Tea are needed for 1 day, and about 6 boxes need to be prepared for a month          



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