Product Description
SWS 28 Pearl is refined by ultra-fine grinding technology, without any silica powder added, certified by Malaysian Health Authority, without heavy metal residue, so that the human body can absorb 100% of the nutrients of pearls.

Nutrition Content

Benefit nutrition for pregnant women and fetuses

1. 15 trace elements - Assist the mother to give birth normally, avoid fetal malformation or cause a congenital complication, Blood system, improve human immunity, avoid tumor production, stimulate enzyme secretion, and then enhance, the immune function of the baby and the mother, so that the baby will have a higher resistance after birth and a healthy physique & not easy to get sick.

2. Natural Taurine - Promote the development of fetal nervous system and brain cells so that young children's brains gain congenital advantage benefit for pregnant women and fetuse

3. 18 essential amino acids - can participate in protein synthesis

4. Natural Pearl Calcium - High-quality & easily absorbed active ionized calcium, can fully meet the calcium needs of pregnant mothers and fetuses, Avoid maternal calcium deficiency disorders, fetal skeletal dysplasia or congenital rickets.


Enhance immunity, supplement calcium, beauty, improve sleep, nourish liver and eyesight, bone development, prenatal and postnatal supplement nutrition

Can pregnant women consume pearl powder?

First of all, for pregnant women to take pearl powder is completely possible. Pearl powder can promote the synthesis of protein. It also contain variety of high quality protein which pregnant women and baby needed.
In addition to food intake, pearl powder is an excellent source of protein as it contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body to synthesize various proteins.
It is recommended that the pregnant women should start taking it after 4 months of pregnancy. The dosage can be used in the normal amount or reduced amount.

Pearl powder has benefit on baby's skin?

Pearl powder not only can maintain the perfect state of the skin of the pregnant mothers it also benefit the baby's skin.
But, first you must make sure that the pearl powder taken must be natural and pollution-free in order to ensure the absolute quality and safety.

Direction of use

Week 13-34 - One capsule every night before bed
* If your body starts to get hot, take 2 capsules.
Week 35-40 - 2 tablets every night before bed

Beauty - 1-2 tablets every night before bed
Maintain Sleeping - 2 tablets every night before bed


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