Product Description
Our Confinement Herbs Package 28 has developed based on Wing Dang TCM 3R concept- Release (1st week) Replenish (2nd week) and Rejuvenate (3rd and 4th week). This product is suitable for mothers with both cesarean and natural birth, as well as breastfeeding.

14 packs of release and replenish herb packs [ premium edition ] for daily consumption from Day 1 to Day 14

The tcm soup for release and replenish conditioning is based on the theory of Chinese medicine [one-release two-replenish method] to treat spontaneous abortion after artificial abortion.

Miscarriage is very harmful to the mother's body... a true way confinement can help to restore the physical condition

Although miscarriage is not real deliver, it will cause harm to the mother's body regardless of artificial or natural health. If there is no proper care, menstrual disorders, waist and abdomen pain, soreness, and even infertility may has occur in the future for habitual abortion.

Less than 20 weeks➡️2 weeks of confinement required
More than 20 weeks➡️Need 4 weeks of confinement

Cooking method
Day 1: Biochemical soup-need to use a gas stove to clean up, use 3 bowls of water to boil until left 1 bowl of water. The rest of the Day 2-14  : Tonic medicinal soup packs, you can use the slow cooker method, can cook with or without meat.



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