Product Description
Baby Herbal Bath used natural herbal medicine and prepared with modern technology to preserve the traditional quality and function. It is convenient, time-saving, clean and hygienic.

Suitable for newborn baby in dispelling heat.

For Wipe Body
Put 1 pack of Mama / Baby Herbal Bath into the “bath bucket / baby bathtub”, and then pour 1 pot of hot water, about 10-20 minutes later, take out the herbal pack, let the water reach the appropriate temperature of 37°C, then you can wipe your body, take a bath, wash your hair or bathe the baby. (The warm water from the water heater can be added if the water is not enough). ( 1Box have 10packs )

Momordicav Charantia (15g)
Schizonepeta Tenuifolia (10g)
Mentha Halplocalix(5g)

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