Product Description
SWS 28 Traditional Chinese Medicine has more than 43 years history since its establishment. In addition to general geriatrics and pain management, it also focuses on gynecological diseases, this includes pregnancy treatment, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, etc.

By the way in the accumulation of years experiences and detailed data analysis, successfully developed and created this female conditioning products "Golden Royal Lady Capsule"

Relieve Menstrual Dysmenorrhea, Regulate Menstrual Cycle, Improve Leucorrhea Vaginal Discharge, Preconception Conditioning, Tighten Vagina

In ancient times, "Golden Royal Lady Capsule" was a recipe prepared by imperial physicians for concubines and concubines, and has always been regarded by concubines as a magic for women rejuvenate body conditioning.

However, the modern women in their lifestyles (drinking ice water, staying up late, eating intemperance) and other factors, are cause various diseases. Some women have mild endocrine disorders, and some even have dysmenorrhea, abnormal leucorrhea, premature aging and etc.

Woman! Don't not late to know and get early old...
Just need a few simple steps,and you will definitely be able to rejuvenate your elegance and glory ❤️

Direction Of Use
Consume every morning or afternoon after meal each 2capsule
*stop consume during menstruation period*

Remember to take Golden Royale Lady capsule regularly
Reduce cold drinks; irritating foods (pungent, spicy, sour)

⚠️Not Suitable for
Patients with uterine diseases (fibroids, water tumors, powder tumors, sarcomas, polyps, etc.)

Herbal Leonurus Heterophyclus 120mg
Fructus Evodia Rutaecarpa 120mg
Radix Paeonia Lactiflora 60mg
Rhizoma Zingiber Officinale 60mg
Rhizoma Atractylodes Macrocephala 50mg
Rhizoma Ligusticum Chuanxiong 50mg
Sclerotium Poria Cocos 40mg


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