SWS Care Capsule  2boxes
Postnatal Care Capsules are mainly used to warm the uterus, accelerate repair and contraction after delivery of the baby
One pregnancy can only be taken once,Best taken within the golden 100 days period after birth
Suitable for natural delivery/caesarean section/lactation/G6PD constitution


Kampung Chicken Essence 2boxes 
No matter normal deliver or caeserian, the mothers also can drink chicken essence to speed up protein supplementation, so that they can recover their physical strength faster during confinement, and can improve the quality of breast milk, which is good for mothers and babies

So Hup Wan 3boxes

Traditionally used for relief of flatulence, phlegm, cold, vomiting, and stomach ache.

During the period of confinement, mommy will have wounds to clean, change clothes,
wipe the body and even take a bath. These are the chances for mummy getting wind inffection .

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